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Avalanche report for ski touring

Alpine ski touring is one of the most popular outdoor sports for those who like the silence of untouched nature in winter. But during ski tours you have to assume the risk of avalanches.

One of the most important parts for the preparation of a ski tour is the avalanche report. Read here how to interpret the warning levels of the South Tyrolean avalanche warning service.

Avalanche warning levels

  • 1 - low risk: The blanket of snow is firm and stable. Avalanches break only by high pressure. You can go alpine ski touring without many risks.
  • 2 - moderate risk: Most of all accidents happened when there is moderate risk. High pressure can break avalanches.
  • 3 - serious risk: The blanket of snow is not very much firm and stable. Already low pressure can cause avalanches. Under these conditions alpine ski touring involves many risks.
  • 4 - big risk: The blanket of snow is not firm. Also, spontaneous avalanches are possible. Don’t go alpine ski touring!
  • 5 - huge risk: The blanket of snow is not firm and very unstable, also in flat slopes. Don’t go alpine ski touring!

Before you start for ski touring, you have to consider weather forecast, snow conditions and the actual avalanche report provided by the avalanche warning service in Bozen.

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