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Ski touring in South Tyrol

Snow slopes beautifully glittering in the early sunlight. You only see your own tracks behind you in the snow. The air is fresh and crystal-clear, the last patches of fog vanish and you can see the summit in all of its beauty.

In South Tyrol, ski touring has become a popular sport during the last years. No wonder, because it is able to provide great satisfaction and emotions.

The physical preparation should be good enough, even if everything depends on the type of tour that you decide to tackle. Those who practice ski touring can admire a magnificent scenery, feel peace and deep contact with nature. To climb you have to use seal skins, which are applied under the plates.

Even skis have special attacks that leave heels free, in order to facilitate the ascension. For the descent use techniques downhill skiing! With ski touring you will reach places, which cannot be achieved in another way, because there are no lifts or roads.

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