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Mandatory wearing of ski helmets

Without helmet? Never! Since 2005, skiers under the age of 14 years have to wear a ski helmet in all skiing areas in South Tyrol, as in the whole of Italy. More and more adults are also opting for a ski helmet. 

And why not? A helmet looks stylish, protects you from the cold and - most importantly - prevents bad head injuries. The skiing areas in South Tyrol are among of the most popular in the Alps. The number of skiers and snowboarders is correspondingly large. Accidents can happen quickly.

Some skiers overestimate themselves and go much too fast. Others should take a skiing course before they hit the slopes. Still others confuse downhill skiing with the snow park. A ski helmet can save lives. Studies show that a helmet is effective in preventing serious head injuries.

When buying a ski helmet, be sure to try on the head protection first. The right size is crucial for safety - and of course it must also be properly buckled.

Mandatory wearing of helmets on South Tyrol's ski slopes

All children under the age of 14 must by law wear a helmet when skiing on South Tyrol's slopes. It is also recommended for all other skiers and snowboarders. Children's safety helmets must be homologated and comply with the CE standard. At many ski schools and rentals you can rent suitable protective helmets for a small price.

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