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Climatic gallery Prettau

The micro climatic characteristics of this ex copper mine make of it the ideal place to heal allergies and bronchial asthma. The gallery is located 1,100 m deep in the mountain and is also a special place of silence offering regeneration for all visitors.

Staying in the climatic gallery in Prettau has a beneficial effect for asthmatics and allergy sufferers of all ages. Experts recommend cycles of 2 weeks with sessions of two hours each day.

Beneficial climate

Speleotherapy (cave therapy) helps to fight against bronchial asthma and respiratory diseases. It is part of Complementary Medicine. As well as in moist caves, relative humidity in the climatic gallery of Prettau nearly reaches the saturation level. In fact, suspended solids and allergens are bound in the air and are than found on the wet rock faces. Therefore, the gallery offers a particularly clean air.

If you breathe this cold air (8-10 °C) it warms up to the body temperature of 37 °C. Warmer air can absorb more water vapour. This way, passing through the respiratory tract, the air in the gallery extracts water from the mucous membranes. The swellings in the respiratory system are reduced and breathing becomes easier.

Breathing again

When the gallery was opened, several hoteliers in Tauferer Ahrntal in South Tyrol have established the “Respiration” association. In their rooms and apartments, they offer allergen free living thanks to a consequent building biology and appropriate furnishings.

As the well as the mine of Prettau, the climatic gallery is open from the end of March until the beginning of November. On Monday the gallery is closed, except in the month of August. Registration is required.

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