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Fasting cures in South Tyrol

Fasting is a current trend and is good for body and soul – during your holidays too. Fasting does not only bring your body into a good shape, but frees it, reduces stress, is energy-boosting and is a good start for a healthy dietary change.

In South Tyrol, it has always been common to fast during the pre-Easter period. Until today, many people in South Tyrol do not eat meat, rich food, sweets or drink alcohol for 40 days. Fasting does not really represent a religious commandment, but rather a conscious decision that can naturally be moved to any other time of the year. The positive side effects will always stay the same.

Why fasting?

A fasting cure majorly aims at losing weight, but other positive effects can be the result too. The ancient tradition has the purpose of encouraging the self-healing powers, to cure diseases, to make the skin firmer, to relieve pains and to create a good mood.

How does fasting take place?

If you want to do a fasting cure, should absolutely talk to a doctor before and choose the right time. In fact, it will be helpful to connect the fasting cure with a relaxing holiday and fasting with other people can be more effectful too.

There numerous older and newer cures that can last several weeks. Choosing the appropriate fasting cure depends on the personal conditions and health state. Almost all types of fasting cures have three phases:

  1. Preparation: renouncing on cigarettes, alcohol, sweets and fat dishes; cleaning the intestine; avoid stress
  2. Fasting: the calorie intake is reduced; drinking enough water; some cures allow teas and fruit juices and/or included physical activities
  3. Building: the body should slowly be readapted to the daily eating behaviour with light meals, the calorie intake is slowly raised

Fasting during your holidays in South Tyrol

In South Tyrol, many wellness hotels and farms with guest rooms or apartments have specialised in health and spa holidays. They offer fasting weeks with or without the support of a professional therapist or doctor.

In addition to individualised fasting meals, the hotels in South Tyrol also have supporting massages, basic baths, detox treatments as well as a special activity programme.

Especially, fasting newbies and those who do not find enough time to relax in their daily life, will love spending a fasting holiday in South Tyrol.

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