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Complementary Medicine in Meran

The service of Complementary Medicine, a pilot project in the Meran’s Hospital, has been a real success. The principle that inspires this project is that "The human being is the centre of a global medicine".

The service of Complementary Medicine started in 2009 is a pilot programme. Meanwhile, the project has been integrated in standard care in South Tyrol, which has implied an easier possibility of access for the patients from South Tyrol.

Successful integration to traditional medicine

Complementary medicine is not a replacement for traditional one, but a valid and complete integration, trying to make a contribution in terms of quality of life, for example with food, alternative treatments and therapy of pain. The service is aimed primarily at the most serious and chronic diseases, giving greater attention to patients and care to involve the whole person and his body and not just an individual problem. In addition to a general medical consultation, in the Department of Complementary Medicine can do also acupuncture, osteopathy, Shiatsu massage and other "alternative treatments". Phytotherapy uses the healing power of herbs and plants.

After a first visit at the service of Complementary Medicine in Meran, cancer patients from Vinschgau can also benefit from the complementary concomitant treatment in the day hospital of Schlanders.

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Meran Hospital
Rossinistraße 1 – I-39012 Meran
Tel.: +39 0473 251 400

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