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Hotels in St. Pankraz 

Not far from Lana, on the way to the Ulten Valley, comes the first and largest settlement: St. Pankraz. If you book your holiday in one of the hotels in St. Pankraz, you will spend relaxing days in the middle of nature. The picturesque village is surrounded by lush green meadows and dense forests. Besides a perfect location for walks and hikes, the village also offers curious stories and interesting sights.

In the village centre, guests of the hotels in St. Pankraz can admire 2 churches: the chapel of St. Sebastian with a beautiful baroque altar and the parish of St. Pankraz, the oldest church in the Ulten Valley and with a 56 m high bell tower. Above the village on a forest hill lies the idyllic little church of St. Helena. Its neo-Romanesque high altar shines with magnificent Baroque statues and is a popular destination for families and culture lovers. Also worth seeing is Eschenlohe Castle, before arriving to the village of St. Pankraz, also known as Ulten Castle, and the "Häusel am Stoan".

In addition to leisurely walks, challenging hikes and bike tours in summer, you can also enjoy various sporting activities around the hotels in St. Pankraz in winter - whether tobogganing, cross-country skiing, skiing, or snowshoe hiking.

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