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Climatic gallery Prettau

Speleotherapy in the climatic gallery of Prettau, in the valley Tauferer Ahrntal. A vacation to fight against bronchial asthma and respiratory diseases.

The micro climatic charachteristics of this ex copper mine make of it the ideal place to heal allergies and bronchial asthma.

Opened in 2003, the climatic gallery represents the first speleotherapy center in Italy. The constant temperature of 9°C, the relative humidity of 95%, the low absolute humidity and the total nonexistence of dusts and pollen are the right condition to make this place the best to cure the most common respiratory diseases. The relaxing setting allows to read, listen to music or even to sleep while getting healed.

The treatment is about 2 hours a day for 2-3 weeks. Statistics of 2004 say that 80% of the people who has visited the gallery have felt much benefit. Six days of treatment is offered at the price of about 60 Euros.

Discover the gallery by booking a trial tour (7€)! The gallery is open from the end of March until the beginning of November. On Monday the gallery is closed, except in the month of August. Registration is required.

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