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Farmers' markets in South Tyrol

Quality and freshness! Bio in South Tyrol is logical. Here no one buys asparagus, eggs and fruits in the supermarkets but in the farm of the neighbourhood or once a week on the farmers markets in the cities or villages of South Tyrol.

And it pays: The farmers guarantee for quality, freshness and taste. Gourmets find farmers’ quality every week on the farmers market, which every day take place in a different city.

South Tyrol’s most important farmers’ markets:

  • In Bozen for example the farmers open their stands every Tuesday in Mazzini square, every Friday in Don Bosco square and every Saturday in Matteotti square.
  • In Meran, however, every Saturday the farmers market takes place in Parish square. There bon vivants can taste apples, strawberry, salad and grapes.
  • In Bruneck the farmers market takes place every Friday, in Brixen every Saturday. 
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