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Share your mountain-experiences

Today the summit logbook is more than a simple collection of mountaineer stories.

It contains nice lyrics, thoughts, wishes and prayers, too. You find the log-book on every peak with a cross and in the huts.

The book is crated in an iron box – called black box. A mountain logbook is originally a book for recording the data of your tour like:

  • Name and number of hikers
  • Weather conditions
  • Trekking tour plans
  • Date of the tour

In case of emergency an examination of the log is often used to try to find people or to explain how an accident could happen. Please sign the summit log for any peaks that you have climbed (or want to climb) and share your stories and experiences with those who will follow in your footsteps.

When the log-book is full, the host or the Alpine Club changes it and shelves the old one.

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