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Old snow

In South Tyrol, in March apple trees are in bloom, but the highest peaks are still covered with snow.

Some ski resort remain open until the end of April and there are often snowfall that ensure, for the fans, many centimetres of fresh snow. This increases the danger of avalanches. In spring, when the sun comes out, it is hot and snow melts during the day, causing damage in this period!

Skiing in regular conditions is possible only in the early morning hours. In addition, on fresh snow is essential to behave and move in the right way.

Safely upwards

Very often the snow in the first morning, may be frozen because of night-time temperatures, so it is advisable to climb with the crampons, that can be of great help!

With the first rays of sun, the snow begins to be softer, you can then leave the crampons and continue uphill to serpentine. In order to improve the climb, you should raise your heels with thicknesses. If the snow is very fragile, move the weight more slowly as possible. Ride serpentine or straight depending on how steep is the slope.

Safely downwards

Security is one thing. The speed is another. The best way to descend from high altitudes is to slide. The weight must be maintained at centre or on the heels depending on the movements.

But beware: the conditions of snow and soil are now modified and the descent can be dangerous. The snow is no longer thick meters, can hide rocks dangerous for falls. If you are not so expert you should get off very slowly. It can also happen to sink into snow and it becomes very difficult to control legs.

Just remember these few basic rules for not to risk during an excursion on snow in spring on the peaks of South Tyrol.

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