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Tips for hut guests

If you spend the night in a mountain hut, normally you are not alone. Therefore, you should consider some simple rules.

  • Rubbish: You should carry the rubbish back in the valley and depose it ordinary. Please use eco-friendly package: cotton bags for your bread and thermo bottles no plastic package.
  • Sleeping bag: In the huts you need a sleeping bag (small cotton sheet, available in every outdoor shop), so the innkeeper doesn’t need water and energy for washing the sheds used for one overnight staying.
  • Hut rules: You should respect each hut rule.
  • Smoking: The huts are no smoking areas.
  • Consideration: Leave nature alone – always respect the flowers, plants, animals and other hikers. Refuges are here for your primary care and for hiker who stay for longer in the mountains. Don’t confound them with a hotel.
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