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Distress in the mountains

Finally, the holiday time is here, and with this come the outdoor activities in the mountains in South Tyrol which also cause personal accidents to increase.

However, we can avoid a lot of inconvenience with just a little more precaution. Alpine risks include downfalls, avalanches, weather changes, and rock falls. Personal contribution to these accidents consist of lack of knowledge of the surroundings, lack of preparation, overestimation of ones own capabilities, and bad equipment.

Therefore, get ready for this season with accurate preparation through the technical literature that is available, and increase your knowledge about certain dangers by taking a course. There are numerous alpine schools that will help you explore the mountain in South Tyrol with active assistance and insight on the dangers.

Mountain rescue: Alpine Club South Tyrol

In case of an accident, first and foremost stay calm and check out the situation, administer first aid if necessary and call for professional emergency help.

Emergency Call 112

  • Place of accident: mountain, place, sea level, coordinates
  • What exactly happened?
  • Type of accident
  • Extent of injuries
  • How many people were involved?
  • Weather at the time of the accident

We wish you safe and joyful holidays! You can have more fun in the mountains when you feel safe and secure with yourself, your guide, and your accomplices. Last but not least, never forget that you have only overcome the mountain when you are back and save in the valley. Share your knowledge and power!

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