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Behaviour in the mountains

Exploring the South Tyrolean Mountains is one of the most incredible experiences a mountaineer can have. To make sure that every undertaking ends well, you have to follow some simple rules.

We are all part of nature and it is our duty to take care about nature and mountain like we do about ourselves. Because of that we recommend you hiking only on the marked paths, to not throw your rubbish irresponsibly away and to behave respectfully with the vegetation and with the animals.

Rules of conduct:

  • Prepare your itinerary, consulting maps and tourist guides. You must have specific footwear for the mountains, clothing and equipment appropriate.
  • Look at the weather in the mountains remembering that the weather conditions can change in just a few minutes
  • Select this trip based on your ability and state of training. Overestimate your capabilities could be dangerous for you and your companions
  • Make sure you know how to use the equipment and do not forget a set of emergency.
  • Do not risk but leaving alone, if you do remember to bring with you a telephone or a radio transceiver. Let however information on your itinerary and on approximate return.
  • Follow directions carefully and signs of your itinerary. When in doubt always ask information if possible, to the operators of shelters.
  • If weather conditions should deteriorate shortly after the beginning of quickly return to the starting point of your itinerary
  • If the storm there were not surprised retreat in groups under the trees blocks. And 'preferable to find shelter under a rock or in a cavern near streams of water.
  • Protect yourself from the cold and the sunlight with boots, a wind jacket, gloves, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • If you happen to be witnesses to an accident call 118 immediately calmly providing the necessary information.
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