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Climbing parks in Pustertal

Various cliffs in Hochpustertal of different difficulty, suitable for all types of climbing and preparation.

Loathnakofel - Sonnenburg

  • The area is inhabited since antiquity, the people of the time threw their waste down from the wall.
  • Route: go to Brixen, for the highway, turn right toward Sonnenburg, park after 200m from Campolino towards the wooded hill on the left.
  • Access: From the parking go along the path that leads into the woods to the cliff.
  • Difficulty: 2 up to 5a; 6 from 5a to 6a; 10 from 6a to 6c; 12 from 6c to 7b; 1 from 7b to 8a.


  • This climbing park offers interesting ways, the rock is composed of granite and gneis, especially notches. Climbing technically very challenging.
  • Route: from Bruneck continue to Ahrntal. After 1 km from St. Georgen, leave the car in the parking on the left.
  • Access: between the three routes follow the central, at the control unit of water turn right and continue along the path. Ride left up to the climbing park.
  • Difficulty: 2 of 4; 7 of 5a, 4 of 5b; 5 of 5c; 9 of 6a; 12 of 6b; 8 of 6c; 6 of 7a; 2 of  7b, 3 of 7c; 1 of 8b.

Platten - Gais

  • The area offers climbing on plaques on lower gneis and granite.
  • Route: from Gais parking, continue for 400m in the direction of Ahrntal. Parking on the right of the road.
  • Access: the cliff is behind the bank protection
  • Difficulty: 6 up to 5a; 10 from 5a to 6a; 2 from 6a to 6c.


  • The area offers an interesting combination of long routes, climbing top rope and boulder. It has been discovered and opened only in 1999. In gneis / granite.
  • Route: the same of Gais Platten
  • Access: the same of Gais Platten. Follow the road embankment until the first bend. Rises to a slope with dense vegetation, following the blue arrow, for the climbing park.
  • Difficulty: 5 up to 5a; 3 from 5a to 6a; 9 from 6a to 6c; 9 from 6c to 7b; 5 from 7b to 8a;1 over 8a.

Sand in Taufers

  • Sand in Taufers is one of the most famous climbing park in Pustertal, here the streets are dry, even after long rains, climbing on gneis and granite.
  • Route: you enter Ahrntal, you park at the school Tubre, after Mühlen.
  • Access: we walk up to the school of economics and sociology. Continue and then follow the signs to the various cliffs.
  • Difficulty: 5 of 4; 2 of 5a; 1 of 5b; 3 of 5c; 4 of 6a; 9 of 6b; 9 of 6c; 14 of 7a, 9 of 7b; 8 of 7c; 3 of 8a; 2 of 8b.

Drittlsond - Speikboden

  • The climbing park has been expanded recently and is a good alternative to Sand in Taufers. The streets are beautiful, steady and not too difficult.
  • Route: arrived at Sand in Taufers, continue to Ahrntal up to the ascent of Speikboden, cross the bridge and turn left to park there.
  • Access: follow the road signs that lead in the woods.
  • Difficulty: 1 up to 5a; 8 from 5a to 6a; 5 from 6a to 6c; 3 from 6c to 7b; 2 from 7b to 8a..


  • This is the only climbing park of South Tyrol, made in real granite. If you are not very practical with this rock will find some problems. Granite smooth with notches.
  • Route: go to the Ahrntal, before Mühlwald turn to the industrial area, turn right toward Rein. After turning for Ahornach continue for 200 m towards Rein, leave the car on the parking lot of Franziskusweg.
  • Access: climb straight up the wall
  • Difficulty: 1of 5b; 2 of 6a; 8 of 6b; 4 of 6c; 6 of 7a; 5 of 7b; 5 of 7c.


  • This is a very beautiful climbing park for its landscape. It offers interesting and very technical ways. Granite and notches.
  • Route: after turning for Ahornach to Rein, leave the car in the car park of the path of St. Francis.
  • Access: From the parking lot continue in the direction of Rein, pass the bridge, turn right, follow the path in the forest. Crossing the area boulder Tobl and get off the path to the wall.
  • Difficulty: 1 from 5a to 6a; 5 from 6a to 6c; 11 from 6c to 7b; 15 from 7b to 8a.


  • The cliffs of this area was opened 40 years ago. The first area is ideal for families and children, gneis, mostly notches.
  • Route: from Bruneck, go to Marquee and Aufhofen. At the fountain, turn right and follow the narrow asphalt road. Parking under the cliff.
  • Access: cross the road
  • Difficulty: 1 of  3; 1 of 5c; 1 of 6a; 2 of 6b; 1 of 7c; 1 of 8a.

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