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Climbing parks in Prags

Various cliffs in Prags of different difficulty, suitable for all types of climbing and preparation.

Lake Prags

  • The climbing park offers a unique view of the lake  Prags. Rocky dolomite and notches.
  • Route: you park directly to the lake Prags.
  • Access: from left or right turn around the lake until wooden sign "Gym rock"
  • Difficulty:3 of 3; 1 of 4; 1 of 6a; 3 of 6b; 3 of 6c; 2 of 7b.

Hotel - Lake Prags

  • This area is located behind the hotel, offers a lot of ways, dolomite, climbing strapiombante on net holes and notches.
  • Route: you park at Lake Prags
  • Access: follow the forest trail behind the hotel, for a few metres, then go left and follow the blue arrows.
  • Difficulty: 1 of 5b; 2 of 6a; 2 of 6b; 4 of 6c; 2 of 7a; 3 of 7b; 5 of 7c; 1 of 8a; 1 of 8b.

Brüggele - Prags

  • This is the oldest cliff in the valley of Prags, but also the most popular. Dolomia, climbing varies.
  • Route: it goes towards Welsberg, enters the Valley of Prags, turn left, towards Prato Piazza. Leave your camera in the hotel parking Bruggele.
  • Access: Follow the paved road up to the first bend, cross the stream and continue right up to the wall.
  • Difficulty: 3 of 5a; 2 of 5b; 2 of 5c; 5 of 6a; 5 of 6b; 4 of 6c; 1 of 7a; 1 of 7b; 1 of 7c.

Kirchler - Prags

  • Roads sunny and demanding, rock and perfect scenery. Limestone, heels and holes net.
  • Route: enter the Valley Braies between Villabassa and Monguelfo and from there continue on the left towards Prato Piazza. Parking next to the road under the cliff.
  • Access: Prato Piazza follow the path up to number 3 Crag.
  • Difficulty: 3 of 6a; 2 of 6b; 8 of 6c; 5 of 7a; 3 of 7b.

Plätzwiese - Prags

  • The countryside offers the cliff is really dream! Difficulties of low and average, climbing for the most part on vertical limestone. There are also steps friable.
  • Route: ranging from Brunico to Monguelfo you enter the Valley of Prags, and continue to Prato Piazza.
  • Access: From the parking lot continue to 200 m, follow the fence to get to trail number 3, to follow up streets.
  • Difficulty: 5 of 4; 3 of 5b; 3 of 5c; 7 of 6a; 6 of 6b; 2 of 7a.
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