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Medical wellness in South Tyrol

You can take care of your health in an upscale holiday home for your own health. "Well being as the basis of health" – that’is the concept of medical wellness in South Tyrol.

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Since some time, there exist various medical wellness therapies, but in the beginning they did not find a wide audience. In the last few years, however, the gastronomy began to deal with this topic – with success. In addition to therapies for pre-existing diseases, they have found many proven ways to prevent any discomforts, using massages, baths, balanced diets and modern medicine.

In the medical wellness hotels in South Tyrol, you are in good hands. They really look after their guests and everyone receives an individual treatment. A specialised team of doctors and the trained staff provide for your well-being. Elegant spa areas, premium wellness treatments and certified medical equipment guarantee the highest standards.

Spa hotels & spa offers for medical wellness: your relaxing spa holiday in South Tyrol

Our selected hotels for a spa holiday in South Tyrol offer every service to benefit the well-being of body and mind and your health. Among other things, medical wellness is offered at the Thermal Baths in Meran. The spa hotel in Meran offers a wide range of methods to improve and enhance your lifestyle and quality of life. The professional health hotels in South Tyrol, such as Therme Meran, are exclusively geared towards this and usually offer a medical centre with different focuses, such as complementary or preventive medicine. Medical spa in South Tyrol thus becomes a holistic holiday for guests seeking relaxation.

Health hotels in South Tyrol: What to consider when looking for spa hotels?

Medical Wellness offers special exercise programmes and health promotion measures. The hotels that offer Medical Wellness in South Tyrol are specialised and certified resorts that can demonstrate certain quality standards, guidelines and certifications. Not least because professional medical treatments and measures are offered. This is certainly a decisive criterion for every guest who wants to spend their spa holiday in South Tyrol.

Health holidays in South Tyrol: What can I expect from a medical wellness holiday?

A medical wellness holiday offers you the opportunity to do something good for your health and improve your quality of life through highly professional methods. A healthy lifestyle through relaxing experiences, including exercise programmes for the whole body, promotes holistic well-being. The medical wellness facilities in South Tyrolean accommodations offer special spa areas that can convince with high-quality equipment and furnishings. Measures such as therapeutic treatments for the body, but also for the soul, are part of this all-round concept. This is how your time-out in the wellness resorts of South Tyrol becomes a very special experience.

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