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Cultural guided tour in Plaus

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Learn interesting facts and local history in Plaus near Naturns!

The cultural guided tour in Plaus takes place every Wednesday from mid-March to mid-November. Heinrich Kainz accompanies culture lovers through the centre, more precisely along the cemetery wall in Plaus. This wall is adorned with the "Plauser Totentanz" (Plaus Dance of Death), displaying pictorial panels from the 18th century. These are by Luis Stefan Stecher, who expresses local personalities, traditions and dialect with this small "Vinschger world theatre".

"Holt oun, a Wailele, blaib stian, nor woasch vilaicht wia waitrgian": On the cultural guided tour in Plaus you will not only learn more about these aphorisms, but also about painting. The tour lasts approx. 45 minutes and starts at 10.30 am at the tourist office Plaus. 

Registration is required online, at the tourist office Naturns (Tel. +39 0473 666 077) or with your host by 6 pm the day before.

Tourism coop. Naturns
Rathausstraße 1 - 39025 Naturns
+39 0473 666 077
15.03.2023 - 15.11.2023
Time: 10:30 - 11:30 o'clock
Village centre - Plaus

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