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SunRisa: skiing at sunrise

The Super Green Pass is required for many events. Please inform yourself in advance about the admission conditions and observe the current rules.
Virgin ski slopes, a dreamlike sunrise, a delicious breakfast: 3 highlights making your ski day in Alta Badia unforgettable!

Real ski fans and especially those who love skiing on virgin slopes early in the morning, will look forward to a great event on the ski runs of Alta Badia on 20th December: SunRisa, skiing at sunrise in front of the wonderful scenery of the Dolomites at 2,000 m of altitude.

The lifts from St. Kassian, La Villa and Corvara will be open and perfectly prepared from 7:15 am that morning. This is as well exactly the place, where the world cup races of Alta Badia take place at that time.

Breakfast in the mountains

The perfect complement to a ski day is a delicious breakfast with local and high-quality products. It is created together with nutritionist Dr. Iader Fabbri.

5 ski huts in Alta Badia participate in the event. On each hut, you are offered breakfast on a certain topic, such as milk, muesli, eggs or fruit.

The participating huts and what they offer:

  • Ütia Moritzino: Yoghurt with honey and dark chocolate | Probiotics
  • Ütia I Tablá: Toasted wholemeal bread with egg and speck | Protein
  • Ütia Las Vegas: Ricotta cake | Fat
  • Ütia de Bioch: Oat porridge with apples and nuts | Vitamins, minerals and fatty acids
  • Ütia Piz Arlara: Rye bread, ricotta cheese and jam | Carbs

The single dishes can be ordered in the participating huts at a price between 5 and 7 €. After such a healthy and rich breakfast, you can ski and enjoy the slopes all day long!

Further information:
Organizer: Tourist offices Alta Badia
Street: Col Alt 36
Venue: I-39033 Corvara
Tel.: +39 0471 836 176
On: Monday 20. December 2021
Time: 07:15 o'clock
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