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Leonhardi Ride

Where: St. Leonhard, Abtei
Region: Alta Badia

At the beginning of autumn Alta Badia invites not only gourmets and fans of ancient customs to the traditional harvest festival, but also horsemen and horse lovers.

The so called Leonhardi Ride is organized by the horse breeding club Gadertal and the tourist office Abtei and since many years it is a fixed date in the calendar. Doubtlessly, it is a very nice harvest festival, attaching great importance to ancient customs and traditions.

Highlight of the harvest festival on Sunday, 3th November 2019 is big procession: with different bands, colorful carriages, parade floats and people wearing traditional costumes as well as many curried Noriker and Haflinger horses with their riders.

Of course meat and drink is available too: The gastronomic stands serve typical dishes such as "Turtres" or "Furtaies" and the farmers’ market offers all kinds of delicacies and special products.

In Saint Leonhard’s honor

The name of the parade comes from the homonymous village, which is a district of Abtei in Alta Badia. Saint Leonhard dedicated himself to prisoners of war and founded a Benedictine monastery in France. It is considered as patron saint not only of prisoners, farmers and craftsmen comes, but also of horses and horsemen

Leonhardi Ride
Gastronomy Gastronomy
Tradition Tradition
  • 03/11/2019
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