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Royal Festival in Natz Schabs

Natz-Schabs invites you to the Royal Festival that will take place on 1st May 2022 on the sunny apple high plateau of Natz-Schabs.

On this day, you will have the opportunity to go for a walk through the apple orchards in full bloom, accompanied by the charming Apple Queen – and numerous other product queens, from the Sugar Fairy to the Hop Queen. 

The highlight of the Royal Festival on Sunday, 1st May 2022 is the big pageant with music bands, the Apple Queen of Natz-Schabs, other royals and guests and locals will celebrate a hopefully good apple season. After that you can enjoy delicious specialities from the region Eisacktal and a lot of music entertainment.

Further information:
Organizer: Tourist office Natz-Schabs
Street: Oberbrunnergasse 1
Venue: I-39040 Natz-Schabs
Tel.: + 39 0472 415 020
On: Sunday 01. May 2022
Time: 10:00 o'clock
Apple high plateau - Natz-Schabs

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