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Night skikjoring in Hafling

Where: Car park Falzeben, Hafling
Region: Meran and environs
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Haflinger horses, skiers and an exciting race – winter sports and horse fans should absolutely not miss this event!

When practising the Nordic winter sport of skijoring or skikjoring, skiers are torn through the snow by horses, sledge dogs or motor vehicles. At the night skikjoring in Hafling, the skiers will of course use Haflinger horses.

Each year, the 16 teams – composed of Haflinger horse, skier and rider – compete at the night skikjoring on the high plateau at full gallop on an illuminated racecourse in groups of two. The fastest team of three will pass to the next round.

The race is a real spectacle for both participants and audience. Also, there will be finest musical entertainment as well as hot drinks and delicious snacks.

The event will begin at 9 pm on the parking lot in Falzeben. From Vöran and Hafling, there is a free shuttle service.

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Photo: © Tourist office Hafling - Damian Pertoll

Night skikjoring in Hafling
Family Family
Sport Sport
Entertainment Entertainment
21:00 - 23:00
  • 27/02/2020
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