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Gröden Folklore Festival

Where: Centre of St. Ulrich, St. Ulrich in Gröden
Region: Gröden

With a festive parade, folk dances. Musical entertainment and delicious specialities, Gröden celebrates the traditional costumes – a colourful event that should not be missed by culture fans.

In South Tyrol, traditional costumes are not any more part of everyday life. However, for special occasions and religious festivals, they are still of high importance today. The traditional costumes indicated not only the provenance, but most of the times the marital and social status of his or her owner too. 

The traditional costumes from Gröden is known far beyond the boundaries for their attention to detail and variety and does not only delight experts. Once a year there is a special festival that alternately takes place in one of Gröden’s villages and that allows you to learn more about habits and customs in Gröden.  

This year, the traditional festival takes place on 2nd August 2020 in St. Ulrich. The local music band performs traditional and modern music from the region. Visitors can see typical folk dances and enjoy regional delicacies. The festival highlight will be the costume parade.

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Photos: © Helmuth Rier

Gröden Folklore Festival Gröden Folklore Festival
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Music Music
Tradition Tradition
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  • 02/08/2020
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