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Autumn Festival in Riffian

Where: Riffian Zentrum, Riffian
Region: Passeiertal

Tradition, music, typical South Tyrolean dishes and an impressive parade – all that and more offers the autumn festival in Riffian!

Although the summer is almost over, in Riffian and environs there is every reason to be cheerful, because the traditional autumn festival in Riffian takes place like every year.

The celebration starts at 10.30 am with a proper morning pint accompanied by the repertoire of several traditional brass-bands.

The highlight of the autumn festival starts at 2 pm: the parade. The festive decorated wagons will be prepared for the folkloristic parade, which starts from Kuens. During the parade, the different clubs of the locations, for example the voluntary fire brigade, the "Schuhplattler" (a traditional dance group) or the hunters show characteristic attractions and their splendidly decorated wagons.

Beside the various traditional costumes also the big apple strudel is well worth seeing. It is several meters long and carried through the village by some young men of the village.

The festival offers a lot of entertainment and fun. The musical program provides sufficient opportunities to dance and the countless traditional dishes introduce you to the secrets of the regional cuisine.

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Autumn Festival in Riffian Autumn Festival in Riffian Autumn Festival in Riffian
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  • 01/09/2019
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