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Klosn Festival in Stilfs

Where: Stilfs, Stilfs
Region: Vinschgau
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The little village Stilfs in Vinschgau is perfect at keeping this old, pre-Christmas custom and at reviving it every year anew – in its entire splendor and at full blast.

In the village in the area of Mt. Ortler, the traditional "Klosn Festival" accompanies the St. Nicholas’ Day. Today, nobody knows where this tradition comes from. However, on 7th December 2019 (usually the Saturday before or after St. Nicholas’ Day) it’s again time for this custom. 

Then, the young boys from Stilfs and environs slip again into multi-coloured robes, put on terrifying masks and heavy bells. In this disguise they roam noisily through the streets. St. Nicholas ("Santa Klos") joins the queue too. He is accompanied by four wise men clothed all in white and he isn’t impressed at all by the hustle and bustle, but he just calmly follows the parade.

A short moment of quiet is granted in the evening during the Hail Mary tolling. Afterwards, the loud and funny "Klosn Festival" with food, drinks and music will still last long into the night. 

Further information: 

Holiday region Ortler
Phone: +39 0473 613 015

Klosn Festival in Stilfs
Family Family
Music Music
Tradition Tradition
  • 07/12/2019
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