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Ski World Cup Gröden

Where: Saslong ski run, St. Christina in Gröden
Region: Gröden

In the Gröden valley, skiing has a very long tradition – as leisure time activity and as competitive sport.

Every enthusiastic skier knows the notorious "camel humps" of the Saslong slope, which every year anew are a challenge for the world-beating ski racers. 

Almost every year the international ski circuit stops in the Dolomites in Gröden for two ski races in St. Christina in Gröden, where the best skiers tackle a men’s Super G and a men’s downhill

To experience the races life is unforgettable for every ski fan! The dates of this year’s ski world cups in Gröden: 20 and 21 December 2019.

Further information: 

Saslong Classic Club
Str. Dursan 37 – I-39047 St. Christina
Phone: +39 0471 793 450

Ski World Cup Gröden
Sport Sport
Entertainment Entertainment
20/12/2019 - 21/12/2019
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