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Un passo dal cielo

A step from heaven: This the name of a famous TV series made in South Tyrol, in Hochpustertal holiday region.

The main character of the TV series "Un passo dal cielo" is the forest ranger of Innichen along with many other characters acted by Italian actors. However one can say that the real protagonists of this TV series are the views and the beauty of the Dolomites!

"Un passo dal cielo" was filmed in the area surroundings famous Lake Prags, in the woods and in the centre of Innichen and shows the beauty and colours of these wonderful places! Looking at the images shot from the helicopter you can really say to feel like just a step away from heaven. And certainly, this series focussing on rangers, nature and mountains, allows many people in Italy and in Europe to see the fascinating natural landscape of Hochpustertal holiday region.