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Reinhold Messner

Reinhold Messner was born in Brixen in 1944 as the second out of nine children of a couple of teachers.

His long lasting career as climber has started at the young age of six. At the age of fourteen he had already climbed more than 500 peaks.

Messner led 100 first expeditions and climbed all the 14 eight thousand meter high mountains of the world. He walked through Antarctica, North Pole, Tibeth and through the Takla Makan desert.

His pecularity has always been his lack of technical devices during his adventures. Always a challenge to the limit. With his brother Günther in 1970, he conquered the Himalaya peak without need of oxygen maks.

Home sweet Home: Castle Juval

Messner, the man with no home, has finally found his place to come back as he saw the Castle Juval in the Vischgau Valley, South Tyrol. This old castle was at that time marely a ruin that he renovated until it got to today´s aspect.

But that is not all. He also renovated the old farm where he consequentally put to live typical tibethanian cows, the popular Yaks! This way, Messner gave to inhabitants and turists one more thing to be interested in.

But his pecularyties are not over. As a matter of fact, a part of castle Juval hosts nowadays an exposition of tibethanian popular art and a gallery of mountain´s pictures.

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