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The iceman Ötzi

He is small but actually great. It’s like that, how you could describe Ötzi, the man from the ice.

He is only 1,60 m tall and over 5000 years old, he brought light in the dark age of the Neolithic period and in really short time he became one of the most famous South Tyrolean people ever.

Thereby the definition of Ötzis’ origin was from the beginning on a politic affair: it was not very clear, if Ötzi was from Austria or from Italy. But after much analysis they found out, that Ötzi was from South Tyrol: he lays only 93 cm on Italian ground. Ötzi was found by the German married couple Simon in 1991 and it was over with his 5000 years old peace.

Apart from the mummy itself researches found also an ancient axe and a quiver with arrows in it. On his body they found a grass-cape, a belt, a firestone, a birch bark container, a bodkin, a rod and a sort of backpack. On his feed he wore grassy shoes.

With the discovery of Ötzi the archaeologists had have to date forward the beginning of the Neolithic period and they developed many new theories about living 5000 years ago.

Iceman museum and archeopark

After discovering Ötzi and clearing, who “owns” the Iceman, thy built a archaeological museum in Bozen, which exhibit many findings from the Neolithic period. Ötzi is housed there, too.

In Schnals, however, they built an archaeological park, where children and adults can learn more about the everyday life of Ötzi.

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