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Farm holidays in South Tyrol

A farm is not only a paradise for children, but for adults too. A varied and enjoyable holiday experience awaits you on a farm in South Tyrol!

By far the greatest thing for your kids is that they have a lot of space to run around and play on the farm. The whining and whining will stop and your children will go to bed tired but happy at the end of the day. What with feeding small animals, making friends with the farm dog, playing hide-and-seek with the kittens in the stable, collecting the eggs from the chicken hutch, making things, running around all over the place, eating raspberries…

Parents will also gain a lot from their stay in the form of explanations about daily life on the farm, the history of the farmhouse, wine and apple growing, cattle farming or local customs.

Very often the animals still help man at work. Just think of cows, chickens, sheep, dogs that are at the guard of the house and the other animals, the many wild animals that populate the woods as deer, roe deer, hares, hawks and eagles. Who loves animals, here will feel a real paradise.

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