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Accessible holidays in South Tyrol

Are you planning a barrier-free holiday in South Tyrol? Then you've come to the right place. People with disabilities or reduced mobility and their families, know how sometimes even move, change cities or get to a new place can be difficult and challenging!

Book the best accommodations for a barrier-free holiday in South Tyrol

If you are looking for accessible accommodation in South Tyrol that is suitable for people with disabilities and wheelchairs, you have a diverse range of options. From apartments with barrier-free facilities to specially adapted barrier-free hotels, holiday homes and guesthouses.

In South Tyrol, many accommodations are equipped to accommodate even people with reduced mobility, blind or forced in a wheelchair! Over the years, many facilities in South Tyrol undertook to address these issues, removing much of the architectural barriers, adapted rooms to the various needs and trying to offer a holiday for all their guests.

Accessible holidays in South Tyrol mean facilities that seek to offer to travellers with disabilities appropriate private spaces, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, but also accessible common areas, as dining rooms, wellness areas, pool, garden and terraces.

At the reception of the barrier-free hotels in South Tyrol, there are great tips and information on leisure activities in the area.

Holidays for disabled people with an accompanying person

The comprehensive range of leisure activities ensure that both people with disabilities and their relatives can experience and enjoy a carefree holiday. The region is also particularly suitable for physically disabled senior guests.

The diverse destinations offer a wide range of activities and places worth seeing for even wheelchair users.

What destinations are there for wheelchair users?

Whether you want to visit the impressive museums, use swimming pools or take cable cars to breathtaking viewpoints, there are numerous options tailored to the needs of wheelchair users.

The region is also known for its beautiful hiking trails that are accessible to people with wheelchairs and impairments. These routes provide the perfect opportunity to explore the stunning scenery while minimising the challenges of the terrain.

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