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Tips for cross-country ski beginners

Unlike other winter sports cross-country skiing is a very cheap affair. The complete cross-country ski set is available for about 250 €. The ski equipment for instance costs about 600 €.

In these case cheap means effective. There aren’t many kinds of sports which enhances your stamina such successfully. Cross-country skiing is healthy and trendy, too. For beginners, we have investigated some "frequently asked questions":

What do I have to wear?

We recommend breathable clothes. Perfect are wind-stopper-fleece jackets or thin breathable jackets with a fleece pullover underneath. There under you should wear classic ski underwear. Take also a rucksack with you with cloths to change and hot tea to drink.

Which cross-country skis do I need?

If you are a beginner we recommend buying Nowax skis or classic wax skis (they have to be treated with klister or wax). Skating skiers are not very recommendable for beginners: the technique is difficult to learn. Ask the experts in a sports-shop which ski fit with you: You need to buy the right style, model, and length of ski for the style of skiing you are planning on doing. And it's always a good idea to try out or rent the model of skis and boots before you buy them.

Which binding and boots do I need?

There are three different primary groups of binding systems used in modern cross-country skiing. But attention: you must match the skis' binding system to the boot type. When it is time to change the boot, you must either be limited to boots of the same binding system or also change the skis' binding.

Do I have to wax my skis?

Yes, you have to. Waxing and caring for your skis are basic skiing fundamentals. Waxing skis is done for performance on the snow. You will also maintain and care for your skis not only to improve performance, but also to ensure a long ski life. The type of wax depends on the temperature.

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