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Rules for cross-country skiing

The International Ski Federation (FIS) has developed rules of conduct to guarantee safety on the slopes. The rules are valid not only for skiers but for cross-country skiers, too.

Cross-country skiing has become a very popular sport in South Tyrol during the last years; all the more it is important that every cross-country skier follows the rules.

10 rules of conduct for cross-country skiers:

  • Respect for others: Respect is first priority. Don’t push, don’t risk, and don’t endanger anyone on the run. Following this first rule you provide safety on the ski run.
  • Signposts and markings: The signposts show what you have to expect on the track. They show the running direction, the running style and many more instructions.
  • Choice of route: In principle every cross-country skier runs on the right side of the groomed slope in a row. Running side by side is only allowed in wide and clear tracks.
  • Overtaking: A cross-country skier can be overtaken on the left and on the right. Please be careful that in two-way-parts there is no coming skier and that there is enough place to overtake.
  • Two-way-parts: In two-way party skiers have to run on the right side.
  • Ski stick conduction: the ski stick should be conducted close to the body to not endanger other cross-country skiers.
  • Control of speed: A cross-country skier must move in control and adapt his speed to his personal ability and to the prevailing conditions.
  • Make way: If you fall down or stop please go from the run and make way for others.
  • Assistance: At accidents, every cross-country skier is duty bound to assist.
  • Identification: Every cross-country skier and witness must exchange names and addresses following an accident.

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