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Lake Fennberg

The small but sweet Lake Fennberg is located at 1,043 meters above sea level in Unterfennberg, a district of Margreid. Despite this elevation, here – in the middle of extensive meadows and dense forests – you’ll find a flora and fauna, which isn’t unlike the one of the region around Lake Garda.

In 1977 the lake and its surroundings – altogether about 10 hectare – have been put under conservation and declared biotope. First and foremost this is due to the special conditions created by the sheltered location and the warm airstreams coming from the south. For that reason you’ll come across rare or untypical animals and plants such as different types of orchids, buttercups or the common cottongrass, as well as filigree dragonflies and crayfishes.

If you enjoy staying in the open countryside and if you would like to make one or the other hike, you’ll surely like Lake Fennberg in Southern South Tyrol. The view of the cool water and the surrounding mountains alone is worth a visit.

To reach the plateau above Margreid, where Lake Fennberg is situated, you can choose between two different tracks with different levels of difficulty: The easier one is the so-called Roman path, the second one between Margreid and Fennberg is somewhat more demanding and requires sure-footedness. However, if you’ve arrived at the lake, you can have a rest on the partly shady lawn for sunbathing on the waterfront or reward yourself with a jump into the water.