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Good equipment is the half way. There’s no doubt. Excursionists, mountaineers, snowshoe hikers and most of all alpine ski tour walkers know about the advantages of airy and space-saving material.

Because even the most trained excursionist will become quickly tired with the wrong material.

Equipment for hikers

The most important things for a successful hiking tour are doubtless the hiking shoes: when they do hurt, the excursion will be soon over. Buying hiking boots you have to mind, that the shoes are not too small and that they don’t press at going downwards. We recommend also hiking poles. They ease the hiking and contribute to rhythmic moving and discharge the joints going downwards.

Last but not least: the backpack. Pay attention that the backside isn’t too long so that it doesn’t press at the hips. The content of the backpack should be arranged equally. Snacks and water bottle should be always handy.

Equipment for Nordic walkers

Nordic walking poles should be preset relatively to your body length. Ask in the sports shop to preset them to you. And keep in mind to carry enough fluid with you in your backpack when you do Nordic walking.

Equipment for snowshoe hikers

Depending on ability and request of the planned snowshoe tour there are a lot of different snowshoes: beginners should buy wide snowshoes, more expert ones however snowshoes with wasp-form. Consider that every snowshoe should have climbing assist and crampons.

Equipment for ski touring

Every ski tourer should in principle walk only with an avalanche rescue beacon. Setting off an avalanche can also happen on easy tours. Skis, bindings and shows should be airy: every gram counts! The newer ski models for alpine ski touring are a bit larger than the older ones: with larger skis you have more fun doing the descents.

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Mt. Ortler
Mt. Ortler

Arrived at the top of Mt. Ortler. Here you can still see the old cross.

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Campolongo Pass
Campolongo Pass

Snowshoe hiking

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Snowshoe hike

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Winter Dreams - Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol
Winter Dreams - Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol

Snowshoe-walking in South Tyrol

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Via ferrata set
Via ferrata set

For a fixed-rope route, you will need a via ferrata set, a helmet as well as suitable shoes and clothes.

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