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Transhumance in Partschins

Where: Schutzhütte Nasereit, Partschins-Rabland
Region: Meran and environs
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When summer comes to an end and autumn begins to set in, it is time for the traditional transhumance from Zieltal Valley to the stables in the village.

On Sunday, about 1,300 sheep are expected at Nasereit alpine hut in Zieltal Valley near Partschins. During the “Schofschoad” procedure, they are assigned to their owners and marked with colours. Afterwards, some of them will be sheared.

Ever since, the transhumance is celebrated with music and regional specialities, expressing the joy that the sheep have returned safely from the mountain pastures.

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© Photo - Tourismusverein Partschins, Rabland, Töll; Helmuth Rier

Transhumance in Partschins
Family Family
Tradition Tradition
Entertainment Entertainment
10:00 - 17:00
  • 22/09/2019
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