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Springtime in Passeiertal

Where: Different locations in Passeiertal Valley, St. Leonhard in Passeier
Region: Passeiertal

The wakening of spring in the Passeiertal and alpine delicacies – enjoy tradition surrounded by a magnificent natural landscape!

When spring comes into town in the Passeiertal and when the meadows get green and colourful with countless flowers, St. Leonhard and St. Martin are the setting for a series of events and nature excursions from April 27th to June 29th 2019.

Among other events this year, you are offered herb hiking tours, tastings, various unforgettable excursions and much more.

Enjoy the first warm sun rays, finest entertainment and special culinary delights in occasion of the “Psairer Langis” in the beautiful Passeiertal.

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Photos © Tourism Association Passeiertal

Springtime in Passeiertal Springtime in Passeiertal Springtime in Passeiertal
Gastronomy Gastronomy
Culture Culture
Music Music
Tradition Tradition
Entertainment Entertainment
27/04/2019 - 29/06/2019
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