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Autumnal Pear Flour Feast


Where: Verdings, Klausen
Region: Eisacktal

Pear flour is one of those farm products from South Tyrol, which has nearly fallen into oblivion nowadays. In Verdings, this delicious tradition is still celebrated and many guests and locals participate in the tastings.

In the past, as sugar was still unaffordable for a simple farmer’s family, they used to dry mature pears in Verdings and environs. In winter, they let them freeze, in order to subsequently grind them into sweet flour. The pear flour was now ready for use as an alternative for sugar.

The numerous pear trees in Verdings and environs transformed the town into an important producer for sugar substitute of the poor, being thus often deridingly called "Town of pear flour".

Pear Flour Feast in Verdings and Pardell

Today, the locals are proud of this tradition and let it revive, for instance, with a homonymous circular route and a very interesting event called "Birmehlherbst" (pear flour autumn). Inns and restaurants in Verdings and Pardell will serve various specialties made from pear flour from September 20th to September 26th. A guided night walk is on the programme on September 24th.

Highlight of the event is the festival on September 26th, when a historical and culinary theme day takes place along the pear flour path. The Pear Flour Feast is organized by local companies and associations and promises enjoyment, fine entertainment and interesting knowledge about the rural customs. Along the circular route between Pardell and Verdings, the hosts and associations offer typical regional specialities. 

Photos: © Leo Unterholzner

Autumnal Pear Flour Feast Autumnal Pear Flour Feast Autumnal Pear Flour Feast
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20/09/2021 - 26/09/2021