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St. Bartholomew’s Day at Ritten


Where: Mountain pastures of Ritten, Ritten
Region: Bozen and environs

Still today, St. Bartholomew’s Day rests one of the most important days of the years for the farmers, as it is the day to bring the animals back from the pastures and to celebrate a beautiful feast.

Also at Ritten, the cows and horses spend the summer on the lush pastures of the high plateau. On the day of Saint Bartholomew, on August 24th, the Saltner (herdsmen) drovers gather the animals, in order that the farmers may examine their cattle, which they have not seen the whole summer, and eventually renegotiate.

The event of the Bartholomew’s day is accompanied by numerous traditions and by even more spectators. From 10 a.m., the Wangen Marching Band entertains the public and takes care of the right atmosphere on the Schian Pasture. It smells of grilled sausages and delicious Krapfen. At midday, the animals from the pastures arrive: the tinkling of the bells and the snickering of the animals are accompanied by the traditional Goaßlschnölln and the calls of the Saltners.

After the farmer’s examination of the cattle on the gathering place, the crowd begins to head down to Pemmern. Here, the well-visited pasture feast transforms itself into a feast on the meadow, where young and old all have a great time.

Who would like to witness a traditional transhumance, should not miss at the Bartholomew’s Day at Ritten. The old local festival is accurately organized every year and offers a good insight into the farmer’s lives in the past and present.

Further information:

Tourist Office Ritten
Phone: +39 0471 356100

St. Bartholomew’s Day at Ritten
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  • 24/08/2019