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Ski touring race Carezza Trophy

Our editorial team always tries to provide detailed and accurate information, but it is possible that events undergo changes that we are unable to update in real time. Exact details on dates, times and programmes can be obtained directly from the organiser.
Ski touring fans – please listen: The next edition of the ski touring race Carezza Trophy takes place on 11th March 2023 in the ski area Carezza. Pack up your skis, your helmet and a headlamp and take part in the contest!

Admittedly, you have to be a passionate and fit winter sportsman, if you do your favorite sport not at a usual speed, but flat out – and in a competition. But of course it is very interesting to furnish proof of the own sportiness, to compete with others and maybe to cross the finishing line first. 

1 finish - 2 routes

For the Carezza Trophy, this finishing line is located next to the mountain hut Kölner Hütte/Laurins Lounge, directly below the rocks of Mt. Rosengarten. As regards the route, the participants can choose between two possibilities – a short and a longer one. The first goes straight up from the hut Frommer Alm, with about 600 meters of difference in altitude. 

Those who choose the second variant have the same starting point, but some detours or rather several ascents and runs. At first to the mountain station of the chairlift Laurin 3, then down to the hut Moseralm, again up to the mountain station of the chairlift Tschein, one more time downhill to the hut Frommer Alm and in the end up to Laurins Lounge. All in all, that comes to 1,200 meters of difference in altitude. 

Registration for the ski touring race is possible online. The entry number is limited.

Further information:
Organizer: Eggental Tourism
Street: Dolomitenstraße 4
Venue: I-39056 Welschnofen
Tel.: +39 0471 619 500
On: Saturday 11. March 2023
Time: 18:00 o'clock
Carezza Ski - Welschnofen