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Snow kite European Championship

Where: Lake Reschen, Graun im Vinschgau
Region: Vinschgau

Colorful kites in front of a snow-white landscape, a six kilometers long, icebound lake und many casual athletes coming from different countries in order to show their ability between sky and ice. These are the benchmarks of the Snow kite European Championship 2013.

At first sight it seems that the inventor of this kind of sport wasn’t able to decide between one and the other sport. However, at the latest on closer inspection it is obvious: Snow kiting requires fitness, technique and many skills. 

In addition you need a suitable stunt kite and skis or a snowboard. As soon as the wind picks up, you can fly the kite and it will pull you through snow-covered landscapes – with maximum speed of about 80 kilometers per hour. 

Snow kiting on Lake Reschen

First and foremost Lake Reschen near Graun in the upper part of Vinschgau is known for the church steeple that rises up out of the water. For several years this lake has also been a popular meeting point for kiters – for kite surfers in summer and for snow kiters in winter. Regularly there are held races and competitions, too. 

After the successful organization of Snow kite World and European Championships in the last years there is scheduled again the Rollei Bullet HD European Championship: with three days full of sport and entertainment and contests in the categories boarder cross and race, each for ski and snowboard. 

Program of the Snow kite European Championship 2013


  • 8.30-10.30 am: registration
  • 11 am: skippers' meeting
  • 12 am-5 pm: snow kite competitions
  • 7 pm: riders’ dinner in the event marquee, afterwards party


  • 9 am: skippers' meeting
  • 9.45 am-5 pm: snow kite competitions
  • 11 pm: after show party in the pub Bergstadl


  • 9 am: skippers' meeting
  • From 9.45 am: snow kite competitions, at 2 pm finale
  • 3 pm: presentation ceremony

Please note: After the Snow kite European Championship on Lake Reschen there is scheduled another, similar event in the vicinity: the Wild Lake Session from 18th to 24th February 2013. There you can try out the latest snow kite materials on the neighboring lake of St. Valentin and there also takes place a boarder cross race.

Further information: 

Tourist office Reschenpass
I-39027 Graun
Tel.: +39 0473 633 101

Snow kite European Championship Snow kite European Championship Snow kite European Championship Snow kite European Championship Snow kite European Championship
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01/02/2013 - 03/02/2013
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