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Palabira Days

Where: Glurns and environs, Glurns
Region: Vinschgau
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At first it seems to be a word of a foreign language, but then it turns out to be a sweet, old-fashioned delicacy, which is still found in some parts of the region Vinschgau: the Pala pear.

It grows on strikingly big, snaggy trees, has a coriaceous skin and a coarse flesh. If the fruits are mature, they have a very intensive flavor and they slightly taste of caramel or cinnamon.

The Pala pear is especially suited do desiccation. It was (and is) not only a popular dried fruit, but also used as baking ingredient – above all for traditional Christmas pastries. Moreover it is serves as soup vegetable, for jams and in roasted state even as substitute for coffee.

Fruit with medical benefit

Due to the high fiber content and low acidity the Pala pear was presumed to be very healthful. Nevertheless this particular pear, which was diffused in Vinschgau in the 17th century, fell into oblivion.

Today you will find some old, but also some new tree population between Mals, Glurns and Naturns. During a week-long festival at the beginning of autumn you can learn more about this yellow fruit.

Palabira Days in Glurns

The Palabira Days in Glurns include exhibitions, readings and music as well as guided hikes, cookery courses and a farmers’ market, where you can buy pear jam, liqueurs and pastries.

In addition some restaurants of the town look for grandma’s cookbook and serve delicious Pala pear dishes. Highlight and at the same time closing event is the so called "Pala Pira Sunday". 

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Palabira Days Palabira Days Palabira Days Palabira Days
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12/09/2020 - 20/09/2020
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