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Wild herbs & medicinal plant knowledge

Our editorial team always tries to provide detailed and accurate information, but it is possible that events undergo changes that we are unable to update in real time. Exact details on dates, times and programmes can be obtained directly from the organiser.
With the arrival of spring nature awakens. Gardens and orchards of South Tyrol are beginning to grow countless species of plants and herbs, that for centuries farmers and locals have used in many fields – from natural remedies to most delicious dishes.

From May to September, guided tours and workshops on the topic of wild herbs & medicinal plant knowledge take place in Lana and the surrounding area. Herbs are important ingredients in regional cuisine and their natural power has been playing a major role again for some time now.

Wild herbs, blossoms, berries and roots are particularly diverse in the Lana area. They are used to make tasty dishes, teas, tinctures or ointments.

Events on the topic of “Wild herbs, medicinal plant knowledge & well-being”

  • Forest bathing with Berta

Every Friday from 9 to 12 am we go into the forest to slow down and find peace. The forest and the essential oils of the trees strengthen the immune system and reduce the stress of modern times.

Dates: 05/05-27/10/2023 (always on Fridays), except 02/06, 09/06 and 22/09/2023. Will take place on Thursday, 01/06, 08/06 and 21/09/2023 instead.

Costs: €35 /person

  • Wild herb excursion in Pawigl

A discovery tour into the precious world of wild herbs is planned at the mountain farm “Wieserhof”.  In the farm's own herbal garden and around the farm, you will identify herbs and plants and learn more about their properties. Afterwards, tasty wild herb dishes will be served.

Dates: Wednesday, 28/06/2023 & Wednesday, 02/08/2023

Cost: €25 /person

  • What is growing there?

On the way to the Roachhof with herbal expert Thea, a wide variety of cultivated and medical plants are closely examined. From their use in the kitchen to their utilization in the medicine cabinet – the range of uses for wild plants knows no bounds. Herbal snacks and drinks will provide sufficient energy.


Friday, 09/06/2023: 3 pm to approx. 5.30 pm
Thursday, 13/07/2023: 9 am to approx. 11.30 am
Friday, 11/08/2023: 9 am to approx. 11.30 pm
Thursday, 07/09/2023: 3 pm to approx. 5.30 pm

Costs: €25 /person

  • Kneipp well-being

The workshop at the Vettererhof with Kneipp and health trainer Mrs Annemarie Nock provides new energy and a power-giving effect. She reports on the 5 pillars of Kneipp therapy and how they have a positive effect on the immune system. Feel the invigorating effect of water treatments on your own skin during a Kneipp tour – a special experience for body and soul.

Dates: Tuesday, 20/06/2023, Tuesday, 25/07/2023 & Wednesday, 30/08/2023 from 4 to 6 pm

Cost: €16 /person

Further information:
Organizer: Tourist office Lana near Meran
Street: Andreas-Hofer-Straße 9/1
Venue: I-39011 Lana
Tel.: +39 0473 561 770
01.05.2023 - 31.10.2023
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