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Snow Sculpture Festival

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Michelangelo would have liked St. Vigil and Innichen in these days: Out of a cube of snow, teams of artists form fantastic sculptures.

Water, wire, saws and shovels are the artists' tools. Warm boots, hats and gloves their most important equipment. First, the snow is pressed into 3×3×3 m cubes, which are placed at various locations in the two villages.

At these giant white cubes, the participating teams can give free rein to their ingenuity. Within three days per village, however, they should create a sculpture that is as imaginative as possible.

After the work is done, the snow sculptures will be closely scrutinized and judged by the inhabitants and visitors of the villages. In 2022, the Snow sculpture Festival will first take place in St. Vigil, from 10th to 12th January 2024. It will then continue in Innichen from 15th to 17th January.

Further information:
Organizer: Tourist Office Innichen
Street: Pflegplatz 1
Venue: I-39038 Innichen
Tel.: +39 0474 913 149
  • We 10. Jan 2024
  • Th 11. Jan 2024
  • Fr 12. Jan 2024
  • Mo 15. Jan 2024
  • Tu 16. Jan 2024
  • We 17. Jan 2024
  • Village centre - St. Vigil in Enneberg
  • Village centre - Innichen

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