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Lana Live

Where: Industrial zone, Lana
Region: Meran and environs

Lana is a really lively community with many interesting cultural and culinary events. One of them is the varied cultural festival LanaLive!

The cross-divisional culture festival LanaLive devotes its programme every year to a changing subject and gets through it with different music, films, exhibitions and much more.


The subject of 2018 are the new perspectives, as the envirosn of Lana invite to ascent mon higher levels and to discover new things. LanaLive and its visitors travel through time and discover the environs in an artistic and musical way. 

If you like culture festivals, history and music, you shouldn’t miss this special event in South Tyrol!

Further information:

Lana Live Lana Live
Culture Culture
Music Music
Entertainment Entertainment
24/05/2018 - 03/06/2018
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