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Ötzi Alpin Marathon

Where: Naturns - glacier of Schnals, Naturns
Region: Meran and environs

A superlative triathlon leading from blooming fruit orchards up to snow-covered mountains! Starting point of this exceptional competition is the white-rose sea of flowers around Naturns, the finish is located on the iced glacier of Schnals.

Altogether the marathon route has 42.2 km and 3,266 m of difference in altitude. The Ötzi Alpin Marathon is a triathlon in Naturns. Therefore the athletes have to manage 24.2 km by mountain bike, 11.8 km on foot and 6.2 km with touring skis

The run passes several highlights, for example Castle Juval owned by the famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner or the place where the glacier mummy Ötzi was found. For the winners there is waiting a considerable prize money and they can start alone or in teams of three with one athlete per discipline.

Either way, the Ötzi Alpin Marathon will be a demanding challenge for every participant – and a thrilling experience for spectators and fans. 

Further information: 

Amateur club Ötzi Alpin Marathon
Phone: +39 331 967 4577

Ötzi Alpin Marathon
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  • 25/04/2020
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