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The best is good enough for you? Do holidays equal holistic well-being? Do you wish high quality standards at your arrival in all areas such as amenities, service and cuisine? Just look at our selection of top hotel in South Tyrol – maybe your expectations will be exceeded. The owners of the top hotels in South Tyrol know perfectly how to guarantee a well-being ambiance by means of discreet heartiness and charming attention.

As varied as the landscape is the offer of top hotels in South Tyrol, ranging from 4-star hotels for romantic gourmets, 4-star superior hotels for active travellers to 5-star hotels for luxury lovers. One hotel offers breath-taking views of the Dolomites, another closeness to the city of Meran. One hotel has a proper riding stable, another a nearby golf course. However, all top hotels in South Tyrol have something in common: They offer a high-quality cuisine as well as dreamlike wellness areas.