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Farm stays in South Tyrol

A holiday in a farm stay in South Tyrol is a unique experience for the whole family during all seasons. Special highlights for small and big guests are the farm animals, such as cows, sheep, horses, chickens and pigs. If you wish, you can also help the farmers with their daily work and experience farm life at first hand.

The rooms and apartments on a farm stay in South Tyrol are the perfect choice for relaxing days, enjoying the silence of nature and much comfort. Already in the morning, you are spoilt with farm products, such as eggs and fresh milk, jams and homemade cakes, cold meats and cheese.

During your stay in a South Tyrolean farm, you are surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape. In the immediate environs, you can find wonderful hikes, climbing tours, bike routes, fixed-rope routes as well as many possibilities for winter sports. Enjoy fantastic holidays with your loved one of the farm stays in South Tyrol and get an insight into the authentic way of life and into the South Tyrolean traditions.