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Family-friendly apartment with a large garden and playground or luxurious design hotel with spacious wellness oasis – all accommodations in Partschins-Rabland guarantee a wonderful natural scenery in the middle of Texel Group Nature Park and of the Mediterranean atmosphere surrounding the city of Meran. And varied as nature in this South Tyrolean region is the offer of holiday activities around the accommodations in Partschins-Rabland.

Be it a family hike to Partschins waterfall, one of the most impressive waterfalls in Europe, or challenging peak experience on a peak of Texel Group Nature Park, a mountain bike tour starting in Töll village or a bike excursion to Meran – the accommodations in Partschins-Rabland offer many discovery tours at different levels of altitude and with all difficulties. After so many physical activities, you can enjoy relaxing moments and culinary delicacies in your comfortable accommodation in Partschins-Rabland.