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Tips for buying snowshoes

Undoubtedly, snowshoe hiking has already become a trend sport. Similar to ski touring, snowshoe hikes offer the possibility to explore untouched winter landscapes, far away from the hustle and bustle of skiing regions.

One important precondition for untroubled enjoyment during your winter hiking tour is the appropriate snowshoe. We inform you on what you have to pay attention buying snowshoes.

The most important to know is that snowshoes enables you to walk in deep snow without sinking in. Thanks to the large form, your weight is distributing on a larger surface and steep passages are more easily to resolve. Very important when you are buying snowshoes is the intended use.

What snowshoe type are you?

Snowshoes today are divided into three types: The aerobic/running ones are small and light and they are not intended for backcountry use. The recreational ones are a bit larger and meant for use in gentle to moderate walks of 5-8 km at a time and the mountaineering ones at least are the largest and meant for serious hill-climbing or long-distance trips and off-trail use.

Mountaineering shoes can be at least 76 cm long by 25 cm wide. A lighter pair of racing shoes can be slightly narrower and 64 cm or shorter. Users should also consider that the “flotation” works only if larger users buy larger snowshoes: a common formula is that for every pound of body weight, there should be one square inch of snowshoe surface per snowshoe to support the wearer.

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